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ZDP100 - Scene Capable Dimmer Module

Brand Name: Advanced Control Technologies, Inc.
Product Identifier: ZDP100
Product Version: ZDP100 V5
Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC08-10070001
Use In: U.S. / Canada / Mexico
Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement:   View    Download

Provides wireless dimming of lights 300 watt max Incandescent Only
- Includes a 3 prong pass through outlet.
- Lamp outlet is 2 prong.
- Supports load sensing. If the attached lamp is turned on manually, the module will detect the load change and turn itself on. This allows lamps to operated manually or through automation.
- Programmable ramp rates. Supports different ramp rates when controlled locally, or remotely. ON/OFF control of lights connected to the Plug-In Lamp Module.
- Plugs directly into wall outlet and provides a switched 120 VAC source.

Z-Wave Plus: No
Z-Wave hardware platform: ZW0301
Z-Wave version: 4.51
Z-Wave library type: Routing Slave
Z-Wave Generic Device Class: Switch Multilevel
Z-Wave Specific Device Class: Multilevel Scene Switch
Product Type ID: 0x4450
Product ID: 0x3030
Command Classes: View Command Classes
Associated Categories:   All Lighting Devices    Dimming Lighting Devices   
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