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Z-Wave Association Capabilities

Model: Smart Mini Plug (PSC132ZW)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-15120005

Group ID Group Profile Name Profile Maximum Nodes Description Endpoint ID Commands
1 5 Group1 Z-Wave Plus Lifeline Events/Notifications: (1) Sends COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC, BASIC_REPORT after every change of the output state (on/off). (2) Sends COMMAND_CLASS_METER_V2, METER_REPORT_V2 after every change of the measured energy or power value or after a timeout if the values stay unchanged. during If the energy or power value didn‘t change for a certain time. Min. time between 2 reports if the energy or power value changes: 1s Timeout for sending a report if the value stays unchanged: 15min. Min. change in value to trigger a report: 4% power (mind. 2W) oder 1Wh energy 0
2 5 Events/Notifications: Sends COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC, BASIC_REPORT every time the mechanical switch at the input S1 is operated. 0