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HomeSeer Valve Controller

Brand Name: HomeSeer
Product Identifier: HS-WV100+
Product Version: HW: 255 FW: 2.03
Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-16075132
Z-Wave Certification Date: 7/1/2016
Use In: U.S. / Canada / Mexico
Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement:   View    Download

The HS-WV100+ Z-Wave Valve Controller is a professionall grade Z-Wave Device that allows the water to your home or business to be automatically (or remotely) turned off when water is detected by water sensors connected to any Z-Wave capable controller. The HS-WV100+ Z-Wave Valve Controller is Z-Wave Plus compliant allowing you to use all of the functionality and programmability built into the new, Z-Wave Plus Controllers. It comes with a Stainless Steel Electronic Ball Valve.

Design and Operation of The HS-WV100+ Valve Controller
-Simply install the stainless steel Electronic Ball Valve on the ½” or ¾” water line where water enters your home or business, attach it to the HS-WV100+ by plugging in the RJ-11 telephone jack, and tell your Z-Wave controller about the HS-WV100+ and your home or business is protected.
Standard telephone wires and connectors can be used to extend the Ball Valve’s wire so it is easy to locate the Electronic Ball Valve where you need it to be, and still have easy access to the HS-WV100+ Z-Wave Valve Controller.
When any of your water sensors get wet, your Z-Wave Controller will tell the HS-WV100+ to turn the water off and Voilà! No Flood!
A fully capable Z-Wave device, you can also program scenes that allow your HS-WV100+ to turn the water off when you leave home and arm your security system and back on when you get home. No more worries about your house flooding while you are away.
Also, for your convenience and piece of mind, there are two buttons on the HS-WV100+ that allow you to instantly turn your water off and on. No more looking for that water key and digging in the yard looking for your water meter!

Additional Special Features:
Z-Wave Plus Version: 1
SmartStart Compatible: No
Manufacturer Provided Product Manual: Download
Association Capabilities:   View Associations
Z-Wave hardware platform: ZM5202
Z-Wave version: 6.51.06
Z-Wave library type: Enhanced 232 Slave
Z-Wave Device Type: Valve - Open/Close
Z-Wave Role Type: Always On Slave
Product Type ID: 0x0x03
Product ID: 0x0x02
Network Management Instructions:   View Network Management Info
Command Classes: View Command Classes
Associated Categories:   Water Valves & Irrigation   
Download Product Data in XML Format: Download

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