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AMZ Z-Wave

Brand Name: FAKRO
Product Identifier: AMZ
Product Version: HW: 31 FW: 1.01:01.01
Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-17105794
Z-Wave Certification Date: 10/5/2017
Use In: CEPT (Europe)
Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement:   View    Download

FAKRO AMZ Z-Wave Electric awning blind is an appropriate combination of effective protection from heat and comfort of use. Due to the fact that the awning blind absorbs solar radiation before it reaches the glazing and emits the heat to the outside of the room, it constitutes much better protectction from tiresome heat in the sunny days than internal accessories. At the same time, it allows the ingress of natural light and ensures visual contact with the environment.
FAKRO AMZ Z-Wave electrically is controlled by remote control or by wall switch in wireless system Z-Wave. In an emergency, the awning blind can be controlled by service button located on the awning blind. The awning blind is powered by 15VDC. Motor nominal current is 1.4A.

The AMZ Z-Wave awning blind has three extremes:

- Maximum extension (encoder maximum position)
- Completely rolled up (encoder minimum position)
- Current limiting protecting awning blind against damage and user against accidental injury resulting from the contact with moving elements of awning blind.

There are three association groups in awning blind FAKRO AMZ Z-Wave:

- Life Line – group for position reporting awning blind after each a stoppage and alarm reporting (overcurrent, damage encoders). This group can be a maximum 1 device.
- Basic Repeat – group used to transfer the received basic commands to the devices included in this group. This group can be a maximum 5 devices.
- Multilevel Repeat – group used to transfer the received multilevel commands to the devices included in this group. This group can be a maximum 5 devices.

Technical Parameters:

Power voltage: 15V DC
Rated current: 1,4 A
Current limit: YES
Speed: 13 r.p.m
Temperature of usage: (-10oC) do (65oC)
Supplying cable: 2 x 0,75 mm2

Product Features:   View Features
Z-Wave Plus Version: 1
SmartStart Compatible: No
Manufacturer Provided Product Manual: Download
Association Capabilities:   View Associations
Configuration Capabilities:   View Configuration Parameters
Z-Wave hardware platform: ZM5202
Z-Wave version: 6.61.00
Z-Wave library type: Enhanced 232 Slave
Z-Wave Device Type: Window Covering - Pos/End Aware
Z-Wave Role Type: Always On Slave
Product Type ID: 0x0005
Product ID: 0x0011
Network Management Instructions:   View Network Management Info
Command Classes: View Command Classes
Associated Categories:   Window Covering   
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