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Z-Wave Association Capabilities

Model: EZmultiPli (EZMultiPli)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-18015976

Group ID Group Profile Name Profile Maximum Nodes Description Endpoint ID Commands
1 1 Z-Wave Plus Lifeline. This group supports a single NodeID and is normally assigned to the Z-Wave system controller when EZMultiPli is added to the Z-Wave network. All Notification command class reports (motion detection) are sent to the node assigned to this group. Advanced lighting control should be handled by a home control application based on these reports. 0
2 4 This group is used to directly turn lights on or off when motion is detected. Up to four (4) Z-Wave devices can be associated in this group. EZMultiPli will send a BASIC ON command to all devices that are associated in this group. Note that including the NodeID of EZMultiPli in this group will control the LED which will come on when motion is detected and goes off when no motion has been detected for OnTime minutes. 0