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Brand Name: iamsmart
Product Identifier: 3000117
Product Version: HW: 2 FW: 0.08:00.09
Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-18026002
Z-Wave Certification Date: 2/12/2018
Use In: CEPT (Europe)
Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement:   View    Download

The iamsmart Window & Door Sensor is an ultra-thin magnetic contact sensor designed to monitor windows and doors for your safety and efficiency. It’s so thin that it can be mounted invisibly in a tiny gap between the frame and the door or window. It is as easy to mount as a sticker using the iamsmart Window & Door Sensor’s adhesive tape. The iamsmart Window & Door Sensor is a Z-Wave plus compliant and can be used with any existing Z-Wave smart home system. Combined with the iamsmart Smartbox and smart Radiator Thermostat, the Window & Door Sensor is also able to make your heating more efficient by detecting open windows and adjusting the temperature accordingly to not waste energy. To make your home more secure the iamsmart Smartbox and the Window & Door Sensor are the perfect team: the internal, very loud siren of the Smartbox scares robbers and is triggered by the iamsmart Window & Door Sensor if a window or door is opened while you’re away. Besides its main features – security and efficient heating in combination with the smart Radiator Thermostat, the iamsmart Window & Door Sensor has an impressive battery life of up to 10 years.

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Additional Special Features:
Z-Wave Plus Version: 1
SmartStart Compatible: No
Manufacturer Provided Product Manual: Download
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Configuration Capabilities:   View Configuration Parameters
Z-Wave hardware platform: ZM5101
Z-Wave version: 6.51.06
Z-Wave library type: Routing Slave
Z-Wave Device Type: Notification Sensor
Z-Wave Role Type: Reporting Sleeping Slave
Product Type ID: 0x0003
Product ID: 0x0003
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Associated Categories:   Security Add-Ons    Sensors   
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