Z-Wave Products

There are over 4252 interoperable Z-Wave products throughout the world, and over 94 million Z-Wave products have been sold since our beginnings in 2001. All of them work together regardless of brand, because they're all based on the common Z - Wavestandard.Browse our Product Finder to see what Z -Wave can do for you.

Product Features

Model: The Heat Controller (FGT-001)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-19096750

     Feature Value
     Thermostat Power Source Battery
     Thermostat HVAC Systems Supported (No Option Value Set)
     Color White
     Sensors Air Temperature
     Firmware Updatable Updatable by Consumer by RF
     Battery Type 3.7V Li-Poly battery pack
     Supported Notification Types Power Management
     Thermostat Modes (No Option Value Set)
     Battery Quantity 1

Additional Z-Wave Features

Supported Multilevel Sensor Types

Air Temperature

Supported Notifications

Power Management : Battery load status: Battery is charging
Power Management : Battery level status: Battery is fully charged
Power Management : Battery level status: Charge battery soon
Power Management : Battery level status: Charge battery now
System : HW status: System hardware failure (manufacturer proprietary failure code provided)