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Z-Wave Association Capabilities

Model: Era Inn Edge S AC ZW BD (E EDGE SI 620 AC ZWA BD)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-20056911

Group ID Group Profile Name Profile Maximum Nodes Description Endpoint ID Commands
1 Lifeline 0x0001 5 This is the Lifeline Group. Device Reset Locally Notification: Issued when Factory Reset is performed. Notification Report[Type=0x04;Event=0x02]: Issued when curtain motor is overheat. Notification Report[Type=0x04;Event=0x00]: Issued when curtain motor temperature returns to normal. Notification Report[Type=0x08;Event=0x06]: Issued when curtain motor is over-current. Notification Report[Type=0x08;Event=0x00]: Issued when curtain motor current returns to normal. Notification Report[Type=0x09;Event=0x03;Event Parameter=0x01]: Issued when over torque error detected. Notification Report[Type=0x09;Event=0x03;Event Parameter=0x02]: Issued when obstacle error detected. Notification Report[Type=0x09;Event=0x03;Event Parameter=0x03]: Issued when under voltage error detected. Notification Report[Type=0x09;Event=0x03;Event Parameter=0x04]: Issued when unresolvable error detected. Notification Report[Type=0x09;Event=0x03;Event Parameter=0x05]: Issued when UART communication error detected. Notification Report[Type=0x09;Event=0x00;Event Parameter=Value*]: Issued when system hardware failure event returns to normal. Value* is equal to the corresponding failure code. Multilevel Switch Report: Issued when curtain position changed. Configuration Report: Issued if configuration parameters changed on an event from installer tool or if change of configuration parameter caused a change in the value of another one. 0
2 Retransmit 0x0000 5 Retransmit a Basic Set, Multilevel Switch Set, Multilevel Switch Start Level Change, Multilevel Switch Stop Level Change or Scene Activate Set to the nodes associated. 0
3 Configuration 0x0000 5 If node receives Configuration Bulk Set or Configuration Set (parameter MUST be in the range from 39 to 43), it will send Configuration Bulk Set with Handshake=0 or Configuration Set to nodes associated. 0