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Brand Name: 2GIG
Product Identifier: 2GIG-EDG-NA
Product Line: Home Security and Automation
Product Version: HW: 26 FW: 7.13:04.13
Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC12-21030195
Z-Wave Certification Date: 1/29/2021
Use In: U.S. / Canada / Mexico
Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement:   View    Download

The 2GIG EDGE Panel is the next generation in security and smart home platform enabling peace of mind, comfort and convenience. Our EDGE processing technology is the difference that enables touchless disarm with facial recognition and analytics within the panel itself – private data stays private for greater peace-of-mind. High resolution touchscreen and intuitive user interface is an elegant command center for a home or a small business keeping loved ones protected and safe.

Key Features:
Hands-Free Convenience: Integrated face recognition and Bluetooth technologies significantly streamline operation – no putting down grocery bags to disarm the system.

Increased Data Privacy: Biometrics information is never transmitted to the cloud. Rather than sending images and private biometric data to the Cloud for processing, 2GIG EDGE panel uses on-the-edge analytics to process and authenticate faces privately and fast.

Encrypted Sensors: Help eliminate system hacks and prevent account take-overs. The panel is backwards compatible with older 2GIG sensors.

Smart Home Capabilities: Ability to customize with controls, rules, scenes, notifications and set up Smart Area zone partitioning. Plus, the 2GIG EDGE panel opens the door to future smart home/ automation up-sell opportunities.

Smart Areas, with easy intuitive partitioning, independently arm/disarm up to 4 separate areas of the house.

Built in glass break. Save on hardware costs by using the panel as a glass break sensor.

Live View Video: Cameras and doorbell cameras work with the EDGE panel, with up to 8 different camera feeds viewable directly from the panel. View 4 camera feeds at a time.

Dual Path Communication: Uses both cellular LTE and Wi-Fi to communicate to the network. If one service goes down, the other is always available. Wi-Fi connection also enables faster updates.

Wi-Fi Access Point, the 2GIG Edge panel becomes a router for networked devices. Connect your doorbells cameras, remote keypads and IP cameras to Edge panel.

Z-Wave Plus v2 with S2 Certified.

Product Features:   View Features
Z-Wave Plus Version: 2
Security S2 Classes: S2 Access Control, S2 Authenticated, S2 Unauthenticated
SmartStart Compatible: Yes
Manufacturer Provided Product Manual: Download
Product Manual in English: Download
Product Manual in English: Download
Association Capabilities:   View Associations
Z-Wave hardware platform: ZGM130
Z-Wave version: 7.13.6
Z-Wave library type: Bridge Controller
Z-Wave Device Type: Generic Controller DT
Z-Wave Role Type: Central Static Controller
Product Type ID: 0x0015
Product ID: 0x0115
Network Management Instructions:   View Network Management Info
Command Classes: View Command Classes
Associated Categories:   All Controllers    Gateway Controller   
Download Product Data in XML Format: Download

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