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DucoTronic CO2 sensor

Brand Name: Duco
Product Identifier:
Product Version: 00001801/G12809 V1.1
Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC08-11060023
Use In: CEPT (Europe)
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The DUCO CO2 sensor measures the indoor CO2 levels and temperature. This is a good indication for the indoor air quality.Duco Tronic System

The Duco Tronic System is a demand-driven natural ventilation system that always provides a balance between controlled natural ventilation and a central mechanical extraction. The demand for ventilation is determined based on air quality (CO 2 ) in the living spaces, the relative humidity (RH) in the 'wet' rooms and outdoor temperature readings. These values ​​are measured by means of various sensors in different rooms. The sensors communicate wirelessly via the Z-wave protocol with the electronically controlled by the air supply grilles and DucoBox the mechanical removal of the polluted and humid air controls. This electronic control ensures that only where a ventilation when needed, so the energy loss is limited. Moreover, the Duco Tronic System takes into account the temperature and adjusts to the weather conditions. If it gets colder outside, it will automatically schedule a higher CO 2 target gain. This opens it progresses less rapidly and less far. When the weather warms up, the opposite is true. In extreme heat is ventilated only by those grids where the lowest temperature measured, for example, on the shady side of the building. The measurement of the outside temperature is done by means of a sensor located in the control unit of the air vents situated.

Thanks to the electronically controlled grids within the 'Duco Tronic System requires the user to do anything. The system ventilates automatically . Still, the resident boss and he may, if necessary or desired, the air supply and exhaust manually. Over time, the system automatically switches back to the most optimal position. All components, sensors, DucoBox and grills are aesthetically designed, fast and easy to install, use and maintenance.

Z-Wave Plus: No
Z-Wave hardware platform: ZM3102
Z-Wave version: 5.02 (PATCH 3)
Z-Wave library type: Static Controller, No SUC, No Repeater
Product Type ID: 0x0004
Product ID: 0x0001
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Associated Categories:   Sensors   
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