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QEES P311A binary switch with power meter

Brand Name: QEES ApS
Product Identifier: 311-AQ(WB)-A1
Product Version: 1
Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC08-11120007
Use In: CEPT (Europe)
Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement:   View    Download

QEES RETO Shell Switch Plus is a highly aesthetic Z-Wave-controlled 13A switch (EU frequency) designed to control a lamp or any other load type.

QEES RETO Shell Switch Plus is a wirelessly controlled switch for retrofit installation that can also be operated locally by pushing the top cover. QEES Switch Power 13A design becomes more practical allowing the control to be done with several body parts (ex. foot, elbow, hip).

QEES RETO Shell Switch Plus’s software can be upgraded “over the air”, allowing the device to receive additional features or bug fixes through firmware updates and software apps. This is a unique feature of all QEES products and it facilitates a future-proof, contemporary and flexible infrastructure solution for the building.

QEES RETO Shell Switch Plus is compatible with all Z-Wave certified devices from other manufacturers. It also acts as a repeater inside your Z-Wave network increasing the range for your remote control.

As with all QEES products, QEES RETO Shell Switch Plus has a self-calibrating built-in power meter and can switch off devices that otherwise would consume power when not needed.

Z-Wave Plus: No
Z-Wave hardware platform: ZM3102
Z-Wave version: 4.52
Z-Wave library type: Enhanced Slave
Z-Wave Generic Device Class: Switch Binary
Z-Wave Specific Device Class: Binary Power Switch
Product Type ID: 0x3101
Product ID: 0x0001
Command Classes: View Command Classes
Associated Categories:   All Lighting Devices    On/Off Switches/Devices   
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